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Alkaline Water Purification Medical device For Healthy Immune Systems.
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Know how your bodily PH influences inflammation, disease & viruses in your body.
Learn how to reduce it - Knowledge is YOUR Power.🥰

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The water you drink, the foods you and the medication you take can contribute to OXIDATIO...

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8 months ago
I purchased a Kangen SD501 machine in April. Since using it I feel so much better. Less headaches & vertigo symptoms. My body is in an alkaline state now from drinking the 9.0ph water. My vegetables & fruit taste better with the 11.5ph water taking away chemicals, pesticides & herbicides. The machine is the best investment I have made for my health long term. I would urge anyone to contact Kangen UK and purchase a machine.
- Peter S

Ionized Alkaline Kangen Water ®

Reduce body inflammation, increase body PH to an alkaline State and support your immune system with vital minerals.


Kangen Water ® is the best ionized /ionizer antioxidant drink on the market today. "Kangen Meaning" Returning back to origin.

Its time to change your water so you can change your health. In uncertain times like a pandemic crisis. Having a healthy lifestyle is so important.

Ionized Alkaline Kangen Water® seeps into your body cells, keeping it hydrated and in a neutral PH state. Decreasing your acidic bodies inflammation.

Enagic Kangen Water® machines have an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) up to -850. Making it a powerful antioxidant benefit when drinking it.

Enagic Ionized Kangen Water® machines are medical devices, with a WQA gold seal award to their name. You can be assured of the highest premium quality in water ionizers machines.

Change Your Water - Change Your Life® is the moto to follow.

Kangen UK as an independent distributor can provide you access to a Kangen Water® machine now.

Contact us now to own and enjoy a  premium range Kangen Water® machine.

8-5-9.5PH Kangen Water® is perfect for drinking & healthy cooking.

4.0-6.0PH is used for beauty care.

2.5PH is a strong acidic water with disinfecting properties, perfect for cleaning & sanitising your home.

11.PH is used for cleaning fruit and vegetables of pesticides and chemicals.

All of the above products are made from your tap water. When entering the Kangen Water® medical device, the water is split into the categories mentioned. Making it a healthier option for drinking.

Contact Kangen UK to own this potential life-saving machine.

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How Alkaline Water Helps Your Body To Be Healthier. WATCH NOW

How To Reduce Oxidation, Inflammation & Disease In Your Body. WATCH NOW

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